Empanadas for Love

So I had my niece over for a visit this weekend and she took me out of my little hiatus! (One I had no idea I was on

Anyways, she's been asking... more like begging me to make her pupusas for a looooong time.

Well, of course I gave in and well... you do crazy things for love right?

I made her the pupusas. She ate them. She loved them.

But, then the next morning she said, "Ti Ti, can you make empanadas? Pleeeaasseee?"

Before, I could even give it thought, I quickly googled, "How to make empanada dough."

So, I found a recipe and followed it to the "T"... at least I thought I did... the dough just kept crumbling and falling apart. To fix that I added a little bit more cold water. Oh and to give it the nice color, I added some "sazon" (yes, Spanglish is developing other blends ;)

For the filling, I used ground turkey. We aren't eating red meat much at all in my house. We mostly stick to chicken, turkey and seafood (shrimp and salmon).

I looked in the fridge to find what to mix the filling with...remember this was on a niece was asking me for it.

I found some nacho cheese dip, cheddar cheese, and leftover white rice.

So, I seasoning the ground meat with Spanglish Adobo all purpose seasoning.

Added the nacho and shredded cheddar cheese along with the leftover rice.

Bam! That was it!

Heated up the oil, rolled out the dough, added filling, closed the empanada with the fork seal, and fried it.

If you end up making this yourself and you need help or have questions, just let me know.

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